Friday, January 6, 2012

my 2012 hot toys collection & display update.

finally have time to take some pics for my up to date 2012 hot toys collection, 2012 was a busy year! HT released too much stuff, i feel that i could not digest anymore, especially look at my current pre-order list and latest news for up coming 2012 hot toys products. my display cabinet is full.
so probably i have to think of should i continue my hot toys collection in future.

i have taken a movie clip for my hot toys collection & uploaded to youtube
please check it out!

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thanks for viewing!!! cheers!


  1. Great collection of Hot Toys figures...Nice display too!!

  2. you have an incredible collection. I really like the lighting that you have. what kind of lighting system are you using. for more 1:6 stuff.

    one Shot out!


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