Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Predator Hype...

final batch predators photos...gonna shot other figures later :P

more predators are coming...stay tuned! :P


  1. your photography is very nice!! where you get all the predators figure??? i been looking in many retail shops in KL and most of them dissapointed me, i tried ebay, but the price is too much, i really curious where did you get all these predator figures??

  2. hi Remirez, thanks for your compliments.
    I got all these predators from KL toy shops like shyioktoys, XL shop ...etc
    so far i only pay for the retail price because i've pre-ordered the figure before its offical release, once it is sold out. you hardly can get it by normal price... unless you are lucky enough! :D

    so ...good luck my friend!

  3. oh my...i try other websites, and guess wat, they offer the price that are completely crazy, nearly 50%-60% the original price.... i think i really should try pre-ordering at XL-shop or others.... do you plan to get Guardian Predator?? because there is a toy fair at mid valley this weekend, and i plan to get my 1st predator there, if possible :P maybe will after the Guardian Predator because is a extreamly rare predator figure..

  4. i'm thinking to get Guardian too. i'm huge fan of predator... but i'm not sure do they have Guardian at toy fair midvalley this weekend.

    so i wish you good luck for your 1st predator my friend, you should grab one whenever you see that is available.

  5. there will be Guardian Predator for sale at mid valley toy fair, the person selling it tells me that he going to sell it cheaper than the original price also, but you have to bundle it with other toys, the cheapest i saw is RM1330, with that, you will get a super RARE predator with a alien cosbaby from toy story 3, they will only have several units in that store, the day of the toy fair is 24 & 25th july, which is this weekend, i plan to grab one there

  6. ya. i heard that before... but i'm not sure i will get a Guardian from there. because RM1330 is a crazy price for me.


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