Friday, April 8, 2011

my hot toys alien collection group photo session

hooray! i have finally owned all the hot toys aliens i want. but this is actually not a complete hot toys alien collection. hot toys has released 10 aliens so far. there are 3 more alien not in my current collection yet. they are Predalien Battle Damaged version, AVP Alien Warrior Brown version and AVP Grid Alien. i'm going to skip these 3, they are just the variant & i think i have enough aliens for my hot toys collection at this point, except hot toys will release aliens from aliens resurrection or our long waited alien queen! then i will again add more aliens into my collection ^_^

here is the list for aliens released by hot toys so far

MMS 17 AVP - Warrior Alien
MMS 28 AVP - Grid Alien
MMS 29 AVP - Brown Alien Warrior (Limited Special Edition)
MMS 38 ALIENS - Alien Warrior Model Kit
MMS 47 ALIENS - Alien Warrior Model Kit (Repaint Version)
MMS 54 AVP:R - Alien Face Hugger
MMS 55 AVP:R - PredAlien
MMS 77 ALIEN 3 - Dog Alien
MMS 106 ALIEN - Big Chap Alien
AVP:R - Battle Damaged PredAlien (DVD Limited Version)

total is 10 different version of aliens in the market now.

if you have time, check out my old pics for hot toys alien here

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  1. One of my Aliens broke at all of his joints (Arms, knees and ankles) they got to brittle (Fragile) and the plastic used was to cheap and it did not last. I sold the broken Alien on eBay.


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