Monday, June 14, 2010

My latest haul! AVP-R Alien with Face Hugger!!!

I have been abit busy lately due to my new job! Less time surf net, more time to see people :P
Yet, i won't forgot my hobby! ^^ I didn't update my blog for quite some time, because my labtop was stolen, now i'm using a netbook which is slow and small. I don't have mood to do photo editing because the netbook screen is so tiny!!!

I actually did haul quite a few things but i haven't upload them into my blog. e.g T-800, batman cosbaby... I really want to update my blog more frequent! but it is not easy...sigh! because my time management is really bad. :P

This AVP-R Warrior Alien is always in my wanted list. After considering it for a long time, finally i have made up my mind to place a bid in a evil-bay! the item is a loose one, but a hundred cheaper than retail price, sitll not a bad deal! One of the main reason for me to hunt it down in my collection is because this guy comes with one 1/6 FACE HUGGER!!! wow... and now i've finally completed my AVP-R series. I've sold my wolf predator last time and keep only the cleaner kit version. I don't think i want to keep too many variants in my collection! Soon i will get rid of all the variants :P haha

more pics are coming soon!!!

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