Wednesday, June 8, 2011

jun update for my hot toys collection & display!

my blog has been no update for a month, last month was the greatest month in my life! my wife just delivered a baby boy and i'm officially a daddy now! :D

even though my life is dramatically changed! but my passion on collecting toys still remain strong! here would love to share my latest collection & display...hope you enjoy these pics :D


  1. Awesome HT collection bro! :)

  2. Chee Kheng, do you keep a list of all your HT collections? This list (can be updated regularly) will serve as an inventory record for you to keep track of your entire HT collections. Will be great seeing your list as they grow bigger & bigger. In my case, I use the "Notes" section in Facebook. :)

  3. yup. i do keep a list in mircosoft excel file.
    i can post my collection list here later.

    please check it out!

  4. love your collection. wish we could get our hands on HT in India.

  5. thanks bro! & welcome to my blog :)

  6. Impressive collection you have.:-)

  7. It's obvious that your collection is growing..Keep collecting :)

  8. Your display is beautifully done. It's really nice to see the figure lines together and get an idea of what is out there. C

    ongratulations on fatherhood, hope it has been treating you well!

  9. Incredible collection is a HUGE understatement. Not meaning to be nosey by any means, but how are you lucky enough to afford all of these? Great to final have a site for Hot Toys reference.

    1. because i don't have any other hobbies except for collecting toys :)

      i'm just a life insurance agent.


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