Thursday, March 17, 2011

hot toys scarecrow + batman villains

finally have free time to take a few shots for him ;)

batman famous villains, two face, joker & scarecrow!

all hot toys batman villains group picture

be sure to check out my other batman gallery if you have time ;)

hot toys JOKER --> CLICK HERE!

hot toys TWO FACE --> CLICK HERE!

my next photo gallery, batman demon!


  1. Hi there, love how you took the pics of Scarecrow and the lightning is perfect.
    May I ask whether can I save some of your pictures? Cuz I love watching figurines collectors take pics of their own collection

  2. sorry for being non responsive...

    thanks for your compliments. of course you can save all my pictures if you want, if you use them in other website. please give me a credit, i will appreciate it!

  3. The villains line you have is really awesome. Lots of cool figures to see. I wish the scarecrow had been a general release.


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