Friday, August 6, 2010

Hot Toys Guardian Predator Review

just got it yesterday, hope you enjoy the pics


  1. scary look..........eeeeeeeeeeee.........

  2. You definitely put more effort in setting up background than mine :)

    I just setup the blog ( for 2 weeks only... Will put more photos when I have time. Please add me and come visit again!

  3. very cool indeed! I wish I was able to get one last year at the San Diego Comic Con. It was such a nice figure. for more 1:6 stuff, come add your blog to my site if you have time.

  4. you can still the Guardian in EVILBAY. i think the price is still quite acceptable!

    hi bro...i have added your website to my blog.
    how should i add my blog to your site???


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