Monday, November 22, 2010

ironman brothers, a new team member has joined the troop

finally, my ironman collection has another new member, WAR MACHINE!
can't wait to take a group picture for them. hope you enjoy it.

this is my entire HT ironman collection :)

now i can't wait for mark 4, mark 5 & mark 6 to join the troop!
i've have made a calendar for 2011, i hope you guys will like it!


  1. hi bro... how much the war machine cost?


  2. Congrat on your awesome images & collections! :)

    My HT boxes are piling up...hope I can do a display cabinet soon. I'm also into photography. :)

  3. hi Paul, nice to meet you and thanks for your compliments on my photos.

    Do you have blog? so that i could link your toy blog here also.

  4. Hi My friend!! Great collection there!! I am starting to collect hottoys figures too, also I have a professional camera, is the best tool ever to show all the beautiful details of this kind of figures

    I invite you to see my own collection here

    If you want, I can put your link in my blog and you would do the same ;)


  5. hi grecrow, thanks for visiting my blog. It is fun to meet some guys who has same interest with me here... i'd love to see my link in your blog. of course, i will do the same for you.

    please feel free to give me some feedback for me to improve my skill of photo shooting....


  6. Hi Lee!!

    thanks for the link!!

    Sure! I will do that, but definetly you have a lot os skills,

    I have a jocker DX, an Iron man Mark III BD and the Applessed ex machina figures, I will post images on 2011

    BTW, I put your site link in my other blog, so you can receive more visits!!


  7. hi, i have seen that you have put my link in your blog. thank you so much!!!

    i'd prefer you put "kheng's toys collection" rather than "lee chee kheng". i guess nobody will understand that...haha :P

    look forward to see your hot toys figures pics in next year.


  8. Done!!

    btw, I dont have photos yet but I recorded a video some time ago where I show these HT figures ;)

    you can watch it on HD

  9. cool!!! just watched it! awesome collection you have! great variety! but i can feel that you like robots the most!

  10. Awesome dude!! Nice collection you have there bro, Great photos as well. I'm new in Hot toys, I Just started one month ago, Now i already have more than 20 HT figures in my collection..But they all still MISB! haven't found any nice display cabinet. Any idea where can get one?

  11. hi, sorry for the late reply. thanks for giving feedback here. Do you take some photos for your collection? 20 HT is a lot!!!

    btw, if you want to save budget, ikea detolf will be a good choice, around RM200 each, it could fit around 8 to 12 hot toys


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