Sunday, September 11, 2011

my latest hot toys haul, inglourious basterds Lt. Aldo Raine & ‎Col. Hans Landa

thanks to my friend Nicholas, i got a very great deal for this inglourious basterds, i love the movie directed by quentin tarantino. after watching this movie, i was thinking to get both Lt. Aldo Raine & ‎Col. Hans Landa into my collection. but there were too many great release recently especially the marvel movie license stuff. but luckily my friend told me that there is a guy selling this set pretty cheap price. without any hesitation, i've made a decision to add them into my hot toys collection! hope you enjoy all these pics


  1. very cool! I have Aldo but not Hans (I wish I had picked him up when I had the chance) you should come check me out at It's my 1:6 world! take it easy my friend.

  2. Superb pictures! Won't getting into this line, but they look awesome.

  3. One shot & xenom0rph! thanks for the feedback!

    i was busy in last two months. no time to manage this blog. sorry for the late reply.

    hopefully i can update this blog more frequent


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