Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recent Hauls, Abe Sapien Qee + 2 Be@rbricks + HT Female Body

i have been searching this Abe Sapien Qee for long time, thanks to my dearest, she purposely bid this from U.S. evilbay. now this little thing can finally join my collection.

and i also bought these 2 be@rbrick from series 20, one is the secret evil version of gremlin and the other one is basic, i picked the K letter because it represents my name, kheng ^_^

my gf bought the hellboy qee 2 years ago as my birthday gift. and now she buy me the abe sapien. i'm very happy that my little wish has been fulfilled, even this is a small gift, but it means a lot to me!

i picked a blonde female body last week. and shot some pics for her. the reason i bought this body is to accompany my tony stark, tony is a wellknown playboy, but he is alone in my display cabinet for so long, therefore, i decide to pick a girl for him :P


  1. i didn't know that blue and red can be that match! abe sapien pairs so well with hell boy!

  2. thank you so much sizuka! you are awalys so supportive!


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