Friday, August 27, 2010

my latest haul, hot toys cosbaby toystory series

i just pick up these little things, toy story is my all time favourite cartoon, especially the latest toy story 3. i remember the scene when andy plays with his toys, it reminds me how i role play my toys during my childhood. :D i love to creat my own storyline & name the characters. you probably won't know how fun it is if you haven't played like that before.

i didn't pick up the wholeset because my budget is little tight >_< and the other reason is HT only produces 2 of aliens and 2 of the toy soldiers. it makes me feel incomplete. they supposed to make other characters if they can't make the complete set of aliens & toy soldiers. perhaps they plan to release them in series 2?

the emperor zurg is the strangest can't tell that is cosbaby if you display it separately... it just like a cheap McD toy. LOL...but i need him to pair with my buzz lightyear

wow, did you see letter of Andy's name printed on woody and buzz's shoe?
no doubt, my favourite one in this series is buzz is sooooo cute!!! HT did a great job for transforming him into kawaii cosbaby!

i also picked up the Giant Cosbaby Alien, i've no choice because it pairs up with the Guardian Predator. but i actually don't mind to keep it but my budget is tight. :'(

hope you enjoy this pics and thanks for viewing ;)


  1. can Lotso be part of them? Lotso with strawberry smell... sweeeettt..... ^__^

  2. sure....lotso is gonna join them soon!


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