Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my latest haul, hot toys superman, new goblin, royce & muscular body

these are my latest haul recently, hot toys superman Christopher Reeve, Spider Man 3 - New Goblin. Predators - Royce & Muscular body (TTM-19).
my blog is updated pretty slow recently due to my focus on job. but i still keep track on recent latest hot toys release. in my preorder list, i have captain america, iron man mark II - iron man mark II, predators - classic predator, captain jack sparrow, avatar & sucker punch. I actually have resident evil - alice & indiana jones in my collection previously, but i have decided to give up these 2 due to too many release at the same time. it is a burden if i keep all in my collection. hot toys has so many good stuff release recently. even a MMS fans like me have to be selective.

i hope i will have time to shot more pics to share with you. stay tuned! next photography will be new goblin

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