Sunday, August 21, 2011

hot toys STGCC exclusive, Bruce Wayne Batsuit, Mark IV Secret Project & Shadow Predator

hooray! i've been queue for 6 hours in STGCC, finally i've got these guys on my hand!
i just can't wait to open them immediately! check out the pics below & see how their packaging look like.


  1. Even though being in Hong Kong (the founding place of Hot Toys!), I have to get these figures throught indirect (and costly) methods from US. Shame to all scalpers!!

  2. Very incredible display. You have a fantastic blog. Both you and toy Haven have some incredible collections. Thanks for showing us. One Shot from I'd love to have some of the items you have. Come see my collection if you get a chance. take care my fellow 1:6 scale buddy!

  3. hi guys...thanks for all the feedback!

    Water Melon, i can feel all these hassle if i am staying in Hong Kong too. Sorry for that, this is HT CEO's marketing strategy. Pity for all his hong kong fans.

    One shot, thanks for visiting my blog. you overrated my blog :P toy haven is one of the most famous 1/6 blog. my blog still has long way to achieve such as standard!

    anyway, i have visited your website! it is cool. do you think you can you my blog into your website? i will do the same for you too!

  4. Bro, great score for all the exclusive figures :)

  5. thanks bro!!! all these 3 are great!!!

  6. I can add your blog to my website for sure. also, there is a section on my site for you to put your blog address, it's in my message board section.
    you can e-mail me at and I will send you a banner for your blog. If you have one you would like me to use I can put it up otherwise I can just use one from your page. sound good to you? I would love to tell more people about your blog.


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