Thursday, February 24, 2011

customed falconer face! see the unmasked version of falconer here!

last week, i asked my friend to help me custom-made a falconer face. surprisingly...i'm amazed by his awesome handcraft! it is even better than my expectation. i'd say 100% satisfy with this new falconer head.
& finally, all my hot toys predators have their own "FACE" in my collection.
next, i plan to ask him make a face for my tracker predator too. ^_^
let's see THE MAKING of FALCONER FACE in below picture!

he told me that he actually took few days to complete this beautiful custom-made falconer face, &i just can't wait to receive it! yesterday i finally got it on hand, without any hesitation, i use my DSLR to take some pics and share with you guys! enjoy!

so you can see that he has made 2 pair of mandibles for me

check out his amazing paint work of falconer face

so the mask still can be worn nicely even the mandibles has been put of falconer face

see the opened mandibles version

Check out the different between falconer unmasked vs berserker unmasked here


  1. Looks like HT is just being lazy by not doing the face.... hmmmm

  2. u r just ahead of everyone... by not owning a mere plain figure. **pui fuk**

  3. where to learn this skill leh? is ur fren holding a class? i'd like to join!

  4. saruman, HT explained that 20th FOX century does not allow them to create a face for falconer & tracker. it is all about license problem...

    thanks simple girl!!!

    Boon, i also want to learn from him, but he is not very familiar with internet stuff...i hope that i can ask him to write a tutorial for my blog...stay tuned!!!

  5. hi!
    question: is he going to do the tutorial?
    or how much is it? i want one too!

  6. hi, i will try to ask him give us a tutorial...
    be sure to check out the update on my blog...

    btw...the head costs about 100USD

  7. halo..

    Are 100USD mean that customized head is sale for that price..? or its only the cost you pay to your friend for making it
    I want it... :D

    can you give me more info..?

    thanks mate, I would really appreciate if you can help me for getting this, thanks again.

  8. hi there, 100USD is including the head.

    i will gather more info and email you later ;)
    stay tuned!

  9. love the customization!! peersonally wouldn't have used a paint job so close to Mr. Black's but awesome!!! what material did your friend used?


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