Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011, first month hauls. I feel that i'm working for hot toys now. LOL

this is my new record now, 6 hot toys figures in one month!

too bad i don't have time to take some nice photography for them now. because Chinese New Year is near. i'm totally in holiday mood!
hopefully i could spend some time to take pics for them one by one later.

by the way, i plan to get Falconer, Barney Ross & Batman Demon + Scarecrow after chinese new year
stay tuned...


  1. Hi Chee Keng. Super collection! I love the pictures you've taken. Gives the characters depth.

    I was just wondering where you purchased the Hot Toys TDK Original suit? I've been trying to hunt it down but no avail. I also missed out on the STGCC exclusive because I was working and didn't get a chance to attend.

  2. Hi Armand, thanks for your compliments & feedback.

    I purchased my TDK original costume via a local toy forum, there are some sales thread available. but i think you can easily find this through Ebay. but the price might be expensive and that depends on your luck :)

    too bad you missed out the STGCC event, it was great and i was able to witness all the coming great stuff from hot toys!


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