Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my 1st HDR image in my life!

just downloaded the photomatix software to try out how to generate a HDR image. I actually didn't purposely take a few images using different exposure setting. i simply picked an image from my gallery and using PS to readjust the contrast and brightness in order to create 1 under exposure image and 1 over exposure image. so that i can use photomatix to combine these 3 different exposure images (normal, -under exposure & over exposure) to generate my 1st HDR image in my life. LOL. how izzit?

  1. sigh! my friend told me that my blog is quite boring, he wants me to add some funny stuff here. i'm thinking what kind of funny stuff should be added here? hey...this is my photography blog leh! funny stuff must be photography related also ma. rite? "=_=


  1. thx sizuka...seems only 1 ppl comments here. LOL

  2. LOL... u shud introduce your blog to all your friends.. then you will get more comments la

  3. would you post up food pictures??


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